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Virgin Of The Birds: Sunset Tavern, Seattle [Live, 08.21.2008]

Virgin Of The Birds at Sunset Tavern

Each Ball Of Wax compilation has a theme behind it and this one is the thirteenth quarterly comp that Seattle artist Levi Fuller has done. What Fuller does is concoct a theme (at least on some… several have no theme other than being “music to enjoy”) then gather a mass of (usually) local Pacific Northwest artists, who all write and record an exclusive song for the release. This was my first time seeing several of the performers on the list, from St Rainbow (the folks behind Hollow Earth Radio) and their eerie sampled goodness to Olie Eshleman’s instrumental loops. Virgin Of The Birds (MySpace), however, was a familiar name.

This band is the project of Jon Rooney. Though I’ve known Rooney for close to a year and a half, I only recently saw him perform for the first time. Though taller and cleaner cut, Rooney has the voice of an early Dan Bejar (Destroyer, The New Pornographers). This signature vocal sound fits well with his music, a casual folk-pop that’s easy to get into yet packed with unique hooks rare in the genre.

At Sunset Tavern on the 21st, Rooney was joined onstage by Seattle trio Secret Highways. He played a few from last year’s Mixed Choir EP and also treated us to “She’s In The Moon Again”, the song Rooney donated to Ball Of Wax 13.

This compilation features fifteen tracks, all written as a homage to the late George Carlin and his Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television. So, comp in hand, you’ll likely hear a slew of curse words with fuck and shit being the most popular. You can also pick up Mixed Choir from Virgin Of The Birds on Abandoned Love Records, while Ball Of Wax 13 is available for purchase here.

Virgin Of The Birds: Sisters At The Sound Of Dawn [mp3]
[audio:0825_virgin_of_the_birds_-_sisters_at_the_sound_of_dawn.mp3|titles=Sisters At The Sound Of Dawn|artists=Virgin Of The Birds]

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