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Oneida: Preteen Weaponry [Album Review]

Oneida by Matthew Spencer

Written by Fense

Reading the history of the three-parts that make up the song and album Preteen Weaponry, it’s interesting to note that Oneida (MySpace) has been working on this for the past three years. Yet what can be heard on the album, simply including the following tracks “Preteen Weaponry” Parts 1 through 3, was recorded in a single day.

It is also interesting to note that the recording of this piece featured past and present (and, as the band claims, future) members of Oneida, and that the entire work is, for the most part, instrumental.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Preteen Weaponry is Part 1 of the “Thank Your Parents” trilogy, part two of which (titled Rated O) will be released by Jagjaguwar early in 2009. This was initially startling to me, as I expected an album more along the lines of 2006’s Happy New Year or even 2005’s The Wedding.

Taken as a whole, Preteen Weaponry is an epic song of experimentation (I cannot help but think of Japan’s experimental masters Ghost). This is no surprise as Oneida is a band that defies genres; each album finds the group going in a new direction. While “Preteen Weaponry” is no “Busy Little Bee” (from Happy New Year) or “Lavender” (from The Wedding) or even “Fantastic Morgue” (from their outstanding split with Liars, Athiests, Reconsider), it is just as relevant as those much shorter, earlier classic works.

I am intrigued. I want to hear Rated O right now, and the third movement yet untitled and release unscheduled. Listening to Preteen Weaponry, there’s no question whether or not “Thank Your Parents” will go down as one of the most epic pieces in history. It’s Olympic… it’s monumental. And damn it, I can’t wait for the rest to grace my record player!

Photo by Matthew Spencer Photography.

Oneida: Preteen Weaponry [mp3]
[audio:0822_oneida_-_preteen_weaponry_edit.mp3|titles=Preteen Weaponry (Edit)|artists=Oneida]

Preteen Weaponry by Oneida

Jagjaguwar [12” LP, 2008]

1. Preteen Weaponry: Part 1
2. Preteen Weaponry: Part 2
3. Preteen Weaponry: Part 3

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