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Eux Autres: Anne Boleyn [Video]

Eux Autres

Written by Fense

My FensePost inbox is out of control. Recently, it topped 500 messages, most of which I had yet to read. Thanks to a bit more free time of late, I am finally beginning to tackle this mass of crap and get some shit done. One item that surprisingly slipped through the cracks was the video for “Anne Boleyn” by French-pop Portlanders Eux Autres.

Yesterday I noted that The Lovely Sparrows’ video for “Year Of The Dog” had some similarities to Fleet Foxes’ “White Winter Hymnal” and that’s true yet again with “Anne Boleyn”, though Eux Autres’ video was out a few months before that of Fleet Foxes–the note was from way back in March. “Anne Boleyn” is yet another great claymation-based music video.

What I really love about Eux Autres is their ability to create such heartfelt pop songs and “Anne Boleyn” is one of their more beautiful ballads. Here, the once duo adds a third member on keys and a fourth on strings. Their live performance has also grown, thanks to the keyboardist joining them on the road from time to time.

“Anne Boleyn” can be found on Cold City, out on HHBTM Records. I’ve also included an mp3 of “When I’m Up”, another track off that album, for your listening pleasure.

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