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Kishi Bashi Christmas Flexi Disc

Fense’s Radio Show: It’s An Indie Christmas

Each year I shun Christmas music like it’s the plague. It begins too early, is far too repetitive, and, quite frankly, is a bit boring. That is, until this year. It began with “The Week Between”, a new track off One Christmas at a Time, an LP that finds Jonathan Coulton and John Roderick (The Long Winters) collaborating for a full album of original Christmas music.

Read More »Fense’s Radio Show: It’s An Indie Christmas

Eux Autres: Broken Bow [Album Review]


It’s amazing to hear the changes Eux Autres has gone through since they debuted with Hell Is Eux Autres in 2004. That album was rough and punchy, raw and bouncy. The punch and the bounce remain, but on Broken Bow things are smoother and more refined. They still contain all those elements I loved from the original — the stripped-down indie pop with a French twist, those lovable lyrics by Heather and Nicholas Larimer. Read More »Eux Autres: Broken Bow [Album Review]

Eux Autres Release ‘Strangled Days’… Today!

Eux Autres

Longtime FensePost favorites, Eux Autres release their new EP today. Strangled Days finds the brother/sister pop duo straying slightly from their French roots, but it’s still the same great pop we always loved from these guys. Heather and Nicholas Larimer have since expanded to a trio, having added Yoshi Nakamoto (Aislers Set & Still Flyin’) on drums in 2008. Strangled Days was recorded by Jason Quever (Papercuts) and can be found as a 10″ EP on Where It’s At Is Where You Are Records. Read More »Eux Autres Release ‘Strangled Days’… Today!

Eux Autres: Another Christmas At Home [Video]

Eux Autres

Written by Fense

Today’s feature video is a Christmas tune by my favorite French pop band from the US, Eux Autres (MySpace). It’s a lovable little pop tune that emphasizes the good Christmas brings out in people (at least some of it); whether you believe in celebrating it or not, it’s an enjoyable time to be with family that loves you and friends that care. Wishes are made and merry times are had. There’s always a little drama, but in the end you remember the good times (the lyrics may fade but the upbeat pop remains). Read More »Eux Autres: Another Christmas At Home [Video]

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