Song Reviews

Neon Rain: To The Moon [Track]

Neon Rain brings the tone down a notch on their sophomore release, Wintersong. Here is a precious batch of melodies that send the heart right back to a place we never want to face. This break out artist has brought us something desperately special and tantalizing, straight from the darkest coffee shop of Nashville.… Continue reading Neon Rain: To The Moon [Track]


Harlem [Feature]

Meet Harlem, your new favorite garage/thrash band. Based in Austin, by way of Nashville, they recently released their sophomore album, titled Hippies. Hippies is packed with the jangle of rough guitar pop and carefree vocals packed with occasionally indecipherable lyrics. These traits are often synonymous with garage pop. It is harmonious with a hint of… Continue reading Harlem [Feature]

Song Reviews

Andrew Belle: Static Waves [mp3]

Contemporary folk-pop is an arena that is swamped with imitators, yet a select few artists stand out above the rest. Andrew Belle is one such artist thanks to the inclusion of female backing vocals and boisterous orchestration. “Static Waves” hits all the right points – it’s catchy and plush and clean and colorful. There’s a… Continue reading Andrew Belle: Static Waves [mp3]