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Foxymorons [Feature]


You can make a valid argument that bouncy throwback pop heavily influenced by folk-pop artists from the 60s and 70s are not only a dime a dozen, but they all fit a fairly consistent mold. When it comes down to it, you’d be pretty much right — for the most part. But that doesn’t really matter, because these bands tend to also be great more often than not. Foxymorons aren’t your run-of-the-mill folk-pop group, and thus the mold is broken for them. They make their own mold and you can hear that displayed perfectly on “Skinny Cow Blues”.

Here they create a super infectious pop song with a folk-rock edge to it, full with a twangy shuffle and chill, distorted guitar solos. Bible Stories, their latest album, is packed with songs like this. There’s “This Too Shall Pass” which comes off as the band picking up where Jeff Hanson tragically left off, and then “Sick Of California” packs a hefty guitar riff to rival early Menomena. Lots of hidden gems here folks, but I gotta say that my favorite remains “Skinny Cow Blues”. Great melody, smooth guitar riffs, and superb folk vocals. Little can beat that.

Download: “Skinny Cow Blues” by Foxymorons
[audio:100809-foxymorons-skinny-cow-blues.mp3|titles=Skinny Cow Blues|artists=Foxymorons]

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