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Neon Rain: To The Moon [Track]

Neon Rain

Neon Rain brings the tone down a notch on their sophomore release, Wintersong. Here is a precious batch of melodies that send the heart right back to a place we never want to face. This break out artist has brought us something desperately special and tantalizing, straight from the darkest coffee shop of Nashville. It is soft bellowing tunes like “To The Moon” that gives us a reason to believe in a higher being. Something this simple yet wholly engaging is hard to hear without feeling the sting of zen, nirvana, and other such spiritual antiquities.

Yes, “To The Moon” is the stand out track from Wintersong. It is a beautiful and transfixiating little number with much to say without a borderline or background of intensity. It’s that quiet track you dare not say a word during the 5 and half minutes in burns through your heart in fear of missing something. This sort of song is meant for a heavy glass of wine and the eyes of the one you care for most. These guys can bring the poet out of the modest men, as well as compliments from the most conceded. Neon Rain’s days of hiding behind their city’s infamous skyline are just about over.

“To The Moon”, as well as the rest of Wintersong, can be found as a free download for a limited time only at The track’s video can be found at The Exhibition Room sponsored by the little known group of do gooders known as Coldplay.

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