The Boombox Hearts: Crank It Up (Video)

The Boombox Hearts

These days, it’s hard to focus on anything unfamiliar that hits my inbox. The sheer quantity of emails that come in is staggering. Only doing FensePost full time would allow me to get through it all. Every once in a while, there’s a free moment in which I take a quick look at a few, and I’m almost never disappointed. “Crank It Up” is one such song. It’s by a little Danish band called The Boombox Hearts.

The band is Ivan Petersen, along with four others with names like Arne, Mikkel, Steffen and Kathrine. Though their music has been likened to Mark Lanegan, I’d say overall it’s a bit more Owen Ashworth (Casiotone for the Painfully Alone). Like Ashworth, The Boombox Hearts create melancholy lo-fi folk music.

“Crank It Up” is a track recorded in between official recordings. It includes deep and sad vocals, a few moments of plentiful harmony vocals, a carefully plucked acoustic guitar, and a melodic violin. They also gave it video treatment, which can be seen below, courtesy Mads Junker.

Download: “Crank It Up” by The Boombox Hearts
[audio:111115-boombox-hearts-crank-it-up.mp3|titles=Crank It Up|artists=The Boombox Hearts]

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