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Proud Simon: Anchors Aweigh [Album Review]


Proud Simon’s Anchors Aweigh is the beautiful blend of harmonica driven pop music you find in the happy moments of life. It’s the paradox in the middle of the raging battlefield we call our regular everyday lives. In each of our lives, there is a story to be told. Some are simply more interesting than others. But, it also depends on how you tell it. If you use quick, energetic guitar slide work and a never ending sense of positivity through beautiful lyrics, than you might find your tales more interesting. It worked for these guys!

Anchors Aweigh kicks right into gear with the title track song filled with every aspect you can look forward to within the rest of the album. The happy riffs and mellow toned vocals sound constantly in tune with the likes of 90’s wonders Dog’s Eye View or Eagle Eye Cherry. “Morning Paper” is the key track when it comes to producing a catchy and sensitive track for slackers as well as blue collared protagonists. Each track sounds familiar to the last, but they still manage to have their own identity.

15 years ago, Proud Simon would have been considered “alternative”. But in this new age of no use for name’s attitudes, it’s hard to guess what section at Hastings you might find a short but sassy album like Anchors Aweigh. It would be appropriate if a store had a category entitled “Life”, with a sub category of “Happiness”. Then there would be no doubt where you would find this joyful album. And although it is reminiscent of so many things, it’s still a fresh and clean outlook on a life less thought of than lived.


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