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Simon Bish: You Get To Live A Few Good Days [Album Review]


Simon Bish and his label Pop Noise Records teased us earlier this year with the, The Butterfly Girl EP. It was an EP that really served its generated purpose: So we could shit ourselves when You Get To Live A Few Good Days hit. Well once you get yourself all cleaned up; continue to listen to the beauty that Bish has created with this album that is beyond what you probably ever expected. Or, it might be exactly what you were expecting – smooth melodic folk pop with stories of the sweetest of life’s simplest pleasures and the triumphant power that love (especially in the form of a beautiful gal) can have on the human form.

“She’s A Butterfly Girl” is on the album. That’s pretty obvious. And it sounds just as glorious as it did earlier this year. Only now it has competition with the likes of “She Fell Asleep On Top Of The Stairs” and the title cut “You Get To Live A Few Good Days”. “Beetles Bugs and Butterflies”, also featured on The Butterfly Girl EP, and still sounds great as well. But, the real highlight of this future pop classic of an album seriously has to be “Depending On The Tide”. Do not overlook this song as simply, Track #9. This is Simon Bish at his most prestigious.

Simon Bish is one hard working fool. And the same can be said for his label mate/recording partner/friend Andy Fonda, who signed up for producer duties for You Get To Live A Few Good Days. Andy is also consistently heard as the man behind the cello and tambourine throughout the record as well. Once again, the boys managed to create a record that is littered with the simplest of pop music that moves with the ease of a summer breeze and just makes you feel downright loved as Bish gives us his take on love and the importance of it being endless. In essence, this is very sweet music for very sweet people in a not so sweet world.

Download: “Depending On The Tide” by Simon Bish
[audio:100922-simon-bish-depending-on-the-tide.mp3|titles=Depending On The Tide|artists=Simon Bish]

Download: “She’s A Butterfly Girl” by Simon Bish
[audio:100922-simon-bish-shes-a-butterfly-girl.mp3|titles=She’s A Butterfly Girl|artists=Simon Bish]


Pop Noise Records [CD, 2010]

1. She’s A Butterfly Girl
2. She Made A Heart Shape In The Sky
3. The Girl In The Yellow Padlock Dress
4. Purple Bar
5. I Can’t Believe I’m Leaving You
6. You Get To Live A Few Good Days
7. She Fell Asleep On Top Of The Stairs
8. Saw You There Again Today
9. Depending On The Tide
10. So Swell
11. Venation Blind
12. Beetles, Bugs, & Butterflies

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  1. Great review – I love this album, wonderful songs which will stick with you for years. If you have not heard their TVP covers EP that came out on Pop Noise also – you may want to check it out.

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