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Simon Goalpost: Embankment Verse [Album Review]


From the late 80’s until the mid 90’s, the UK was at its pinnacle in the indie-pop punk community. Well, it might not be all historians telling it as such, but just ask those who were knee deep in the midst of the madness and they will surely say it was most definitely so. And a little group known as Thrilled Skinny might have always been name dropped at this time. Therefore, our hero Simon Goalpoast was undoubtedly the frontman behind one of the nation’s coolest acts. And now, for the first time, we have been blessed with a sultry yet sweet collection of beautiful indie pop tracks on Embankment Verse. Read More »Simon Goalpost: Embankment Verse [Album Review]

Simon Bish: You Get To Live A Few Good Days [Album Review]


Simon Bish and his label Pop Noise Records teased us earlier this year with the, The Butterfly Girl EP. It was an EP that really served its generated purpose: So we could shit ourselves when You Get To Live A Few Good Days hit. Well once you get yourself all cleaned up; continue to listen to the beauty that Bish has created with this album that is beyond what you probably ever expected. Or, it might be exactly what you were expecting – smooth melodic folk pop with stories of the sweetest of life’s simplest pleasures and the triumphant power that love (especially in the form of a beautiful gal) can have on the human form. Read More »Simon Bish: You Get To Live A Few Good Days [Album Review]

Simon Bish: Butterfly Girl [Track Review]


The butterfly is always the easiest and most admired insect to ingest the world of indie rock/pop/whatever with great reason. A butterfly begins its stages as just another creepy, crawly tree dweller before it bursts into the world as a multi-colored miracle floating amidst the very trees it once depended upon to slowly push its existence around. Cue the beautiful girl that strikes her heart and makes an obvious comparison, and you have British songwriter Simon Bish and his wonderfully derived song “Butterfly Girl”. Bish’s tremendously soft and sweet pop melody is at its most tender moments when the violins join the chorus from the fires of simplistic hell and whirl the Brit pop goodness faster than the wings of a, well….butterfly! Read More »Simon Bish: Butterfly Girl [Track Review]

Some Beans: Fear and Loathing in Tipton St. John [Album Review]

Some Beans

Some Beans, aka Andy Fonda, aka ¼ of Noise Annoys Simon, is a pretty soulful cat. It’s a bit spooky at times, but it is always funky. His debut album, Fear and Loathing in Tipton St. John, might actually be a very well-planned dance track tribute to the honorable Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. Or not. Either way, this is electronica at its very finest. And that is perfectly alright. Read More »Some Beans: Fear and Loathing in Tipton St. John [Album Review]

A Fine Day For Sailing: My Baby Loves Pop Music [Album Review]

A Fine Day For Sailing

Sometimes a song can just make perfect sense. There comes a time when a pretty indie pop song can be exactly what you need to spawn the most wonderful of memories. Don’t believe it? Then check out A Fine Day For Sailing and their absolutely gorgeous album My Baby Loves Pop Music. You have to be heartless to not recollect your finest moments in life while this Exeter, UK-based group jingles and jangles through finely tuned, low-key symphonies. Read More »A Fine Day For Sailing: My Baby Loves Pop Music [Album Review]

Thrilled Skinny: Just Another Teenage Dream [Album Review]

Thrilled Skinny

Punk is dead. This is, more or less, a fact. Save for the rare new group to break out or the senior citizens out there still rocking hard (Bad Religion, Henry Rollins, etc.), the whole idealism and solid truths of punk rock is long and gone. It seems as though the best we can hope for is a solid pop punk group swaying their spiked hair and stretched earlobes all over the stages of The Warped Tour (Broadway Calls seems to be the elite in this category). Still, things can never be as eventful as they once were. So thank the anarchist Christ that Pop Noise Records had the brilliant idea to distribute Just Another Teenage Dream, a brand new best of collection of loud, fast, and throat cutting tracks from the former back alleys of England superstars, Thrilled Skinny. Read More »Thrilled Skinny: Just Another Teenage Dream [Album Review]

Noise Annoys Simon: You Say It, I’ll Know It [Album Review]

Noise Annoys Simon

What in the hell has happened to alternative pop music? There was a time when sweet guitar riffs and soft-spoken lyrics reigned supreme. Even misery was an exciting topic when a cat like Dave Pirner would spill his guts on a record about runaway trains and frustration as a business plot. The anger of today may have substantially seeped into pop music, but not in every case. Definitely not in the UK’s rising pop stars Noise Annoys Simon. These guys bring back the glory days in a wonderful fashion with their debut album You Say It, I’ll Know It. Read More »Noise Annoys Simon: You Say It, I’ll Know It [Album Review]

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