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Noise Annoys Simon: You Say It, I’ll Know It [Album Review]

Noise Annoys Simon

What in the hell has happened to alternative pop music? There was a time when sweet guitar riffs and soft-spoken lyrics reigned supreme. Even misery was an exciting topic when a cat like Dave Pirner would spill his guts on a record about runaway trains and frustration as a business plot. The anger of today may have substantially seeped into pop music, but not in every case. Definitely not in the UK’s rising pop stars Noise Annoys Simon. These guys bring back the glory days in a wonderful fashion with their debut album You Say It, I’ll Know It.

This is an album that brings back so many of the fundamentals that used to be necessities in alternative pop. An acoustic guitar that leads into a rip-roaring jam session would be one of them. “Speed Up Let’s Go” could almost be missed between the highlight singles “Pear Drop Sweetness” and “Hay Bales and Vapor Trails”, but it really shouldn’t be. When it comes to the catchy hook, spontaneous innuendos, and 3-minutes of frenzied storytelling, it is the track to know. “All Her Beauty” is another fast tempo highlight of You Say It, I’ll Know It that you’d better not sleep on.

Noise Annoys Simon might very well be a group of elitists when it comes to power pop. They hold all the essentials to create beautiful and contemplative tracks that are free from unnecessary obscurity. On You Say It, I’ll Know It, they sticks to the basic sentiments and rid themselves of hysteria. This is the type of music that makes 11-year-old tikes find their uncle’s old guitar in the basement and take the Greyhound bus to Pop Town. This album is truly influential on so many levels without really trying too hard.

Download: “Speed Up Let’s Go” by Noise Annoys Simon
[audio:100317-noise-annoys-simon-speed-up-lets-go.mp3|titles=Speed Up Let’s Go|artists=Noise Annoys Simon]

Download: “All Her Beauty” by Noise Annoys Simon
[audio:100317-noise-annoys-simon-all-her-beauty.mp3|titles=All Her Beauty|artists=Noise Annoys Simon]

Noise Annoys Simon You Say It I'll Know It

Pop Noise Records [CD, 2010]

1. Peardrop Sweetness
2. Speed Up Let’s Go
3. Posta Mistress Fantasies
4. Haybales and Vapor Trails
5. Only Being Real
6. All Her Beauty
7. Heart Shape Sky
8. Hanging Rock Climber
9. Just Let Me In
10. Worse Things Happen
11. Trendy Shoe Girl
12. Let Me Escape

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