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The Streets On Fire: This Is Fancy [Album Review]

The Streets On Fire

It’s time to grit your teeth, suck in your last bit of fresh air, and prepare to have the shit shook out of you through a drastic post-punk explosion. Chicago based band The Streets On Fire know how to have a good time. And their debut full length album This Is Fancy is a prime sample of what it means to be entirely out of control, yet perfectly sane enough to dance the night away to release all tension entirely.

As soon as the first track, “No One’s Fucking To The Radio” hits your ear drums, you will know instantly that you are in for something almost unforgettable. Raw, unadulterated, damn cool hysteria will shock your brain until you feel completely taken over by a feeling euphoric and basically unstoppable. And before you know it, you’re hearing the end of “Betty”, and the world just stops. You are left to ponder what the hell just happened to you. Isn’t it lovely when a good time havin’ group like this can completely take over your whole existence?

With touches of surf and old school rock n roll, The Streets On Fire bring a terrific new spin on the world of post punk. They have the lyrics of Robert Smith or Morrissey, but the energy of Henry Rollins before he became an intellectual film scholar. This Is Fancy is loud, arrogant, and at times a big disorienting. And that is just perfect!

Download: “No One’s Fucking To The Radio” by The Streets On Fire
[audio:100726-streets-on-fire-no-one-radio.mp3|titles=No One’s Fucking To The Radio|artsits=The Streets On Fire]


The Currency Exchange [CD, 2010]

1. No One’s Fucking To The Radio
2. The Basement
3. Hey Lou
4. Chadwick Shut Up
5. Hello From Eastern Europe
6. Astronaut Love Triangle
7. Hard To Find
8. Fancy
9. Five
10. Color Stereo
11. Betty

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