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Thrilled Skinny: Just Another Teenage Dream [Album Review]

Thrilled Skinny

Punk is dead. This is, more or less, a fact. Save for the rare new group to break out or the senior citizens out there still rocking hard (Bad Religion, Henry Rollins, etc.), the whole idealism and solid truths of punk rock is long and gone. It seems as though the best we can hope for is a solid pop punk group swaying their spiked hair and stretched earlobes all over the stages of The Warped Tour (Broadway Calls seems to be the elite in this category). Still, things can never be as eventful as they once were. So thank the anarchist Christ that Pop Noise Records had the brilliant idea to distribute Just Another Teenage Dream, a brand new best of collection of loud, fast, and throat cutting tracks from the former back alleys of England superstars, Thrilled Skinny.

Just Another Teenage Dream is almost a complete discography of this once beloved group of belligerent noise makers. But anything that was not necessary to define the impact of Thrilled Skinny in the 80’s punk scene is left out for great reasons. What is included are the entirely important tracks “Outside Your Room”, “So Happy To Be Alive”, and “Pop Start Prat”. and there are 20 more tracks that barrel through time and space faster than Serenity and its team of Browncoats.

Why should Thrilled Skinny be considered punk legends and far superior to today’s bland display of conformation resilience? If you really have to ask this question, you’re not likely to understand anytime soon. The times have changed a bit too much. The Stooges are in the hall of fame. This is another sign that things have changed dramatically because of that son of a bitch known as Father Time. But, Ramones’ like tempo and 3 chord magic was what defined the scene we young’ins can never fully know. It also defined Thrilled Skinny to the awkwardly ripped “T”.

Download: “Outside Your Room” by Thrilled Skinny
[audio:100322-thrilled-skinny-outside-your-room.mp3|titles=Outside Your Room|artists=Thrilled Skinny]

Download: “Pop Star Prat” by Thrilled Skinny
[audio:100322-thrilled-skinny-pop-star-prat.mp3|titles=Pop Star Prat|artists=Thrilled Skinny]

Download: “So Happy To Be Alive” by Thrilled Skinny
[audio:100322-thrilled-skinny-so-happy-to-be-alive.mp3|titles=So Happy To Be Alive|artists=Thrilled Skinny]

Thrilled Skinny: Just Another Teenage Dream

Pop Noise Records [CD, 2010]

1. Teenage Dream
2. Let There Be Shelving
3. Off Shopping Trolley
4. Eat My Hat
5. Good Doss
6. Sweetest Kiss
7. Airing Cupboard
8. Insecurity
9. Bag Of Joys
10. Pinless
11. Bottom Of The Stairs
12. Outside Your Room
13. Falling Off The Edge
14. Let’s Hide In The Attic
15. Key To The Attic Door
16. Empty Demijar
17. I Love The Sound Of Reversing Cars
18. Groovy Strait 19. So Happy To Be Alive
19. Clinging To The Shelf
20. Biscuits In The Tin
21. So Enthralling
22. Pop Star Prat
23. Tech Buff

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