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The Rest: Everyone All At Once [Album Review]

The Rest

There is no telling what emotions The Rest might conjure up when you hear their brilliant sophomore release Everyone All At Once. This is an indie-rock rock-symphony for our time. The band has worked long and hard to create an atmosphere derived solely from their heart’s ambition. As well as pulling influence from nature and booze. But, aren’t most great works inspired in such ways?

This album plays out like a shoegaze fairytale. Every corner-piece is in place, and no integrity of their centered morality is compromised. They plainly rock as anyone could see. And the soft-hearted “Modern Time Travel (Necessities)” is a highlight for it’s soulful composure leading into a well-timed dramatic effect. “Coughing Blood/Fresh Mountain Air” is as disturbing as it sounds. Yet, it’s touching at the same time.

The Rest is one happening band of Canadian merry men (and one lady, for a total cast of seven) who sound as though they would give their lives for their music. Even if this is not true, it is a good persona to take on. This is a band that controls their own destiny and have an extremely bright future ahead of them. After two albums, sold out shows all over Toronto, and a upcoming British invasion (they will tour London throughout October), The Rest with Everyone All At Once in their arsenal will surely be a force to be reckoned with.

The Rest: Apples And Allergies [mp3]
[audio:091013-the_rest-apples_and_allergies.mp3|titles=Apples And Allergies|artists=The Rest]

The Rest: Blossom Babies Part Two [mp3]
[audio:091013-the_rest-blossom_babies_part_two.mp3|titles=Blossom Babies Part Two|artists=The Rest]

Everyone All At Once by The Rest

Auteur Recordings [CD, 2009]

1. Coughing Blood / Fresh Mountain Air
2. Modern Time Travel (Necessities)
3. Sheep In Wolves’ Clothing
4. Phonetically, Phonetically
5. Apples & Allergies
6. Drinking Again
7. Blossom Babies Part Two
8. Walk On Water (Auspicious Beginnings)
9. The Lady Vanishes
10. Everything All At Once

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