Crystal Stilts: Love Is A Wave [pReview]

Crystal Stilts

I’ll admit, Crystal Stilts self-titled EP and debut full-length Alight Of Night passed me by a bit. Don’t get me wrong – I love the sound. It just failed to live up to the garage-pop that was Up Against The Legends by The Legends and was soon to be The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart by The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. But that has all changed. Enter “Love Is A Wave”.

Now I’m ready to revisit the fourteen-plus tracks from those earlier releases. I’m ready to digest anything and everything Crystal Stilts, thanks to “Love Is A Wave”. Sure, those songs aren’t a far cry from this new one, so I’m sure I’ll be kicking my own ass in due time. But God! Listen to that guitar and the warped/muddled percussion! The deep vocals are a tell-tale sign of those earlier tunes, but here it has… something… something else that is a bit more invigorating and enchanting.

“Love Is A Wave” is the A-side and title track to Crystal Stilts upcoming 7″, and featuring B-side “Sugar Baby”. The single will be release late this month on Slumberland. And in the case you missed Alight Of Night, I’ve also included “Shattered Shine” below.

Crystal Stilts: Love Is A Wave [mp3]
[audio:090316_crystal_stilts_-_love_is_a_wave.mp3|titles=Love Is A Wave|artists=Crystal Stilts]

Crystal Stilts: Shattered Shine [mp3]
[audio:090316_crystal_stilts_-_shattered_shine.mp3|titles=Shattered Shine|artists=Crystal Stilts]

Love Is A Wave by Crystal Stilts

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