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The Wind Whistles: Window Sill [Album Review]

The Wind Whistles

Written by Ron Trembath

The Wind Whistles, composed of Vancouver’s folk duo Tom Prilesky and Liza Moser, bring out a fresh look at modern folk rock in their stellar release, Window Sill. With a happy attitude, and the musical stamina of a grizzly bear, these two wonderful wordsmiths mix the good ole old, with the newest of the new.

Storytelling is crucial in any form of folk rock. And these two hit it perfect on “Jim & Ruth” and “Ballad of A Jailbreak Wedding”. Prilesky’s high pitched, Neil Young-ish twang offers a much liked melody throughout the album, and when they break it down on a track like “Coming Back”, it’s hard to not feel like an empty rocking chair on a windy night – hopeless by the powers that be. Best of all though, would have to be “Good Friends Won’t Rip You Off”, which sounds like a precarious poke in the side to money hungry Americans.

It’s hard to resist the euphoric simplicity that The Wind Whistles create. In a time where confusion is masterful, this eccentric twosome takes a break from the weird, and asks you to relax. So swallow down a fresh glass of lemonade and bourbon, and check out Window Sill (available for download from their label, linked below). It’s what they would want. And you can bet on the fact that Tom & Liza, as well as your strained ear drums, would be sure to thank you.

The Wind Whistles: Coming Back [mp3]
[audio:090202_the_wind_wistles_-_coming_back.mp3|titles=Coming Back|artists=The Wind Whistles]

The Wind Whistles: Good Friends Won’t Rib You Off [mp3]
[audio:090202_the_wind_whistles_-_good_friends_wont_rip_you_off.mp3|titles=Good Friends Won’t Rip You Off|artists=The Wind Whistles]

Window Sill by The Wind Whistles

Aaahh Records [mp3 Album, 2008]

1. Gold Fever
2. Communication’s Death
3. Jim & Ruth
4. Devil’s Cauldron
5. Man by Name of Denver
6. Coming Back
7. Somedays
8. Where Does The Garbage Go?
9. Good Friends Won’t Rip You Off
10. River
11. Ballad of A Jailbreak Wedding
12. When I Was Old

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    I am part of a student team that made a music video for The Wind Whistle’s song “Spooks.” I’ve been trying to find contact information for the band so we can give them a link to the music video. Do you happen to know an email address we can reach them at?


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