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The Prids: Chronosynclastic [Album Review]


Here is a simple code that one should always abide by when choosing new music to listen to: if Henry Rollins and David Martsch both think the band rocks, they do indeed rock. Not to be idealistic, but these guys know their shit. Case in point – The Prids. Hailed by both of the aforementioned geniuses as a terrific act, they are indeed a delight. And their one billionth (give your take) release Chronosynclastic might be there biggest and brightest release to date as they display a passion of ear shattering pop music that is down right lovable. Read More »The Prids: Chronosynclastic [Album Review]

Doug Burr: O Ye Devastator [Album Review]

Doug Burr

His voice is soft. His soul seems calm. He is Doug Burr, one the latest artists to develop the prominent theory of using naturalism and a far from tyrannical use of expressions to create vibrant yet subtle songs that make you feel….well, they just make you feel. His third release, O Ye Devastator, proves to be a perfect continuation, as well as a reintroduction to this man who sings with such an ease it will leave you planted right where you are with a sensation to do nothing but listen. And listen close. Read More »Doug Burr: O Ye Devastator [Album Review]

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