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Doug Burr: O Ye Devastator [Album Review]

Doug Burr

His voice is soft. His soul seems calm. He is Doug Burr, one the latest artists to develop the prominent theory of using naturalism and a far from tyrannical use of expressions to create vibrant yet subtle songs that make you feel….well, they just make you feel. His third release, O Ye Devastator, proves to be a perfect continuation, as well as a reintroduction to this man who sings with such an ease it will leave you planted right where you are with a sensation to do nothing but listen. And listen close.

“Red Red” contains a wonderful batch of banjo riffs that will make you want to lose those pesky shoes that keep you from feeling the real earth beneath your toes. It’s a love song that expresses all the things that are so much more than a few compassionate moments. “High Blood and Long Evening Dresses” is a piano-based track that steals the show right at the very end. With an Elliot Smith wrist cutting sound, it creates a strange juxtaposition with a message of hope and a yearning for empowerment. All in about two and a half minutes. Not too shabby, and again, one of the greatest highlights of O Ye Devastator.

For those looking to lose themselves for a short while, it’s probably not a good idea to listen to this album. Yes, the stories seem personal, but those told throughout O Ye Devastator are sure to conjure up memories of lost paths and forgotten ideals; they’re relatable. The good, the bad, the unmentionable. Anything you have had hidden deep within the darkest part of your soul, it is sure to come out as Doug Burr does the same through your earbuds of solitary confinement. But, really; is this a bad thing? So hear the wedding bells tone and the weather vanes crash as this nomad of alternative folk spins through its entire being, and you’ll be able to simply love being alive for a little while.

Download: “Red, Red” by Doug Burr
[audio:100513-doug-burr-red-red.mp3|titles=Red Red|artists=Doug Burr]

Doug Burr: O Ye Devastator

Spune / Velvet Blue Music [CD, 2010]

1. A Black Wave Is Comin’
2. Chief Of Police In Chicago
3. At The Public Dance
4. Red Red
5. You’ve Been A Suspect All Your Life
6. I Got This Fever/O Ye Devastator
7. Topeka
8. Do You Hear Wedding Bells?
9. All Our Lives (Instrumental(
10. And When We Awoke
11. High Blood And Long Evening Dresses

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