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The Prids: Chronosynclastic [Album Review]


Here is a simple code that one should always abide by when choosing new music to listen to: if Henry Rollins and David Martsch both think the band rocks, they do indeed rock. Not to be idealistic, but these guys know their shit. Case in point – The Prids. Hailed by both of the aforementioned geniuses as a terrific act, they are indeed a delight. And their one billionth (give your take) release Chronosynclastic might be there biggest and brightest release to date as they display a passion of ear shattering pop music that is down right lovable.

Another code: a song that builds you up and up and up, and kicks you right into an enthralling flattened out melody at the exact right time will always be a great song no matter what it is actually about. Example: The Prid’s highlight track “Waste Our Time” with it’s anthem like vocals and operatic like explosions of rock and roll. The high energy of Chronosynclastic is almost never ending. Almost. That is until you reach the very sweet and (sort of) down tempo track “I’ll Wait”, and even more so on the albums close out song “Tonight October”.

Former lovers and now just colleagues David Fredrickson and Mistina La Fave trade and share vocals in a very organized and respected fashion that acts as a perfect frontline of talent for The Prids. It is also only right to commend Mistina on her excellent skills on the bass not just because Rollins did, but because it is a standout factor in the groups entire way of existing. And that is quite an accomplishment for a very tight and electric oriented pop group such as this one. But that seems to be the basis of being for this band. This is a band of truly unique individuals coming together to make magic together. It’s always better when done together, right?

Download: “Waste Our Time” by The Prids
[audio:101230-prids-waste-our-time.mp3|titles=Waste Our Time|artists=The Prids]

Download: “I’ll Wait” by The Prids
[audio:101230-prids-ill-wait.mp3|titles=I’ll Wait|artists=The Prids]


Velvet Blue Music [CD, 2010]

1. Hide Your Thoughts
2. When I Look
3. Waste Our Time
4. Break
5. Fragile
6. Sydney
7. Desolate
8. I’ll Wait
9. In The Fall
10. Tonight October

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