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Girls: Vomit (Video)


Just the other week we wrote about Girls’ new song, “Vomit”, off their forthcoming third release Father, Son, Holy Ghost. They have now presented us a video for the tune, which after countless listens I shall now dub their most accomplished song to date. The video begins with seductive footage ’60s cherry red Mustang convertible then changes pace to a drive through the city. Interesting angles and bright colors amidst a dark background all emphasize the song’s power. Read More »Girls: Vomit (Video)

Girls: Vomit (MP3)


Girls have come to be one of my favorite artists since their early release, Album, in September of 2009. Their music is simply astonishing, from upbeat pop gems like “Lust For Life” and “Alright” to more surreal explorations of pop psychedelia, like “Helhole Ratrace” and “Carolina”. Read More »Girls: Vomit (MP3)

Girls: Hellhole Ratrace [10″ Single Review]


In a recent conversation, a friend noted they didn’t quite understand the hype behind Girls. After all, there are a dozen bands that write similar, edgy songs and can carry a complimentary weight. I agreed, but only somewhat. Revisiting songs like Album‘s opener “Lust For Life”, I hear a unique vocal styling and that damn garage-pop I seem so fond of these days (along with everyone else). But one thing is certain: Girls sure can write a powerful ballad. Read More »Girls: Hellhole Ratrace [10″ Single Review]

Girls: Hellhole Ratrace [Video]

Girls, Band

What a simple concept, this video. “Hellhole Ratrace” by San Francisco’s Girls is an easy pick for one of the better songs of 2009, and this video, albeit simple in nature, looks to follow suit. The video merely features slow-motion party footage, going in and out of focus. And it’s brilliant! It reminds me of my slightly younger days, say the mid twenties; those nights with friends at the local pub getting drunk on the most excellent of microbrews and staggering off into the night after last call, of chill house parties that yielded similar results, of flat-out good times. “Hellhole Ratrace” wouldn’t be the same were it not for nostalgia; it’s somehow better, that longing for the past. Read More »Girls: Hellhole Ratrace [Video]

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