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The Western States Motel: The Cliff [mp3]


Carl Jordan has THAT voice. You know, the one that sounds like Gavin Rosdale after he’s taken 40 No-Doz. It’s that raspy yet emotionally pleasing tone you might recognize with the likes of Pete Droge or Eels, the former heavyweight champions of obscurity-laced pop. But, it’s time to step aside Mr. E. The Western States Motel is here to bring oddball power pop back in a big way with their ultra catchy track “The Cliff”. Read More »The Western States Motel: The Cliff [mp3]

Western States Motel [Feature Band]

The Western States Motel

Written by Fense

I want to say I’ve heard about The Western States Motel, but I cannot recall with any certainty whether that’s true or not. If I have heard of them prior to receiving their Painted Birds Flying In The Orange Mirror Sun EP in the mail, I can say that I haven’t heard their music before. But, listening to “Stampede” now through my headphones, it’s immediately apparent that I like what I’m hearing. Read More »Western States Motel [Feature Band]

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