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Biking in Skagit

KSVR Radio Recap: April 5, 2013

Biking in Skagit

Next week is the pledge drive, meaning all of you should tune in to my show from 10pm to midnight PST on Friday, April 12 and pledge your support for independent radio. For my April 5 show, I returned to playing primarily new tunes, opening with the stellar new track by Sweden’s Lars Bygdén, dropping in a pair of tunes by San Francisco post-rock outfit Tartufi, and crossing the pond to Spain for an amazing track by Soledad Vélez. Read More »KSVR Radio Recap: April 5, 2013

The Ruby Suns: Kingfisher Call Me

The Ruby Suns

Have you heard this yet!? I’m talking about “Kingfisher Call Me” by The Ruby Suns off their forthcoming LP Christopher. The song is giving me intense chills right now! It’s easily the best thing I’ve heard ever from The Ruby Suns. Check minute 3:08. It’s like the end of “TMNT Mask” by Chad VanGaalen (off Soft Airplane) adorned in 80s glam. Brilliant! Read More »The Ruby Suns: Kingfisher Call Me

The Ruby Suns: Cranberry [mp3]

  • Cyndi 


Sometimes a song exudes sunshine. “Cranberry” by The Ruby Suns is one such a song. A frivolously feathered song of big band regality, singing sirens and all-together chaos, this new tune captures the noises our parents asked us to keep quiet when we were young. The antithetical mixing of simple synthesized backbeats and dripping vocals make for a somehow breezy explosion of rhythms. One could not help but feel better while and after listening to this song. Read More »The Ruby Suns: Cranberry [mp3]

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