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The Ruby Suns: Kingfisher Call Me

The Ruby Suns

Have you heard this yet!? I’m talking about “Kingfisher Call Me” by The Ruby Suns off their forthcoming LP Christopher. The song is giving me intense chills right now! It’s easily the best thing I’ve heard ever from The Ruby Suns. Check minute 3:08. It’s like the end of “TMNT Mask” by Chad VanGaalen (off Soft Airplane) adorned in 80s glam. Brilliant!

The Ruby Suns. We haven’t heard from the New Zealand band in three years, since 2010’s Fight Softly. The three years it took to put together Christopher was damn well worth it. The new album is packed with more of the same. But I just can’t get over “Kingfisher Call Me”.

Christopher is out January 29 on Sub Pop. For those outside the states, The Ruby Suns can be found on Lil Chief Records and Memphis Industries

2 thoughts on “The Ruby Suns: Kingfisher Call Me”

    1. Hey Michael! Glad you dig the song… it’s been a favorite of mine from the new year, for sure.

      Totally know what you’re talking about with regarding “on repeat.” I had “Conflict Free Diamonds” by Kinski on repeat and Andi was not amused (she doesn’t feel the same way I do about that song).

      Hope you’re enjoying your new gig in CO!

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