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This Just In: New LPs from HHBTM Records

HHBTM New Releases

I got a package the other week from HHBTM full of new releases from the Athens, GA-based label. Mike at the label was kind enough to pass along the latest albums he’s releasing. Four records to be exact: new LPs from Eureka California, Orca Team, Sweater Girls, and Tunabunny. I’ve been a fan of HHBTM for ages, dating at least back to 2006, if not further. Anyway, here are some details on each of the records. Read More »This Just In: New LPs from HHBTM Records

Bags Full of Vinyl

Fense’s Radio Show: November 18, 2012

November 18 was the second vinyl only show, featuring an array of tunes from the likes of Sambassadeur, The Mary Onettes, Holiday Shores, Devon Williams, Le Jonathan Reilly, Christmas Island and many more. Included within were several from Sweden’s Labrador Records thanks to a recent package from the label, and I also played several tracks from artists who have released singles and LPs on Captured Tracks after receiving an order placed from eBay. Lots of good tunes this week!

Read More »Fense’s Radio Show: November 18, 2012
The Liminanas Single

Fense’s Radio Show: November 9, 2012

Last week I returned to the present with only a few throwbacks to the 90s toward the end of the show. The split digital/vinyl show featured new tracks from Sleeping Bag, The Babies, Sweater Girls, Gospel Claws, Suturee and Thunder Power. We also featured a few favorites since the year 2000 with tracks by The Anniversary, Tvärvägen and The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir.

Read More »Fense’s Radio Show: November 9, 2012

Six new Singles by HHBTM


The HHBTM team has sent me two lovely little packages in the past few months, the second of which arrived just last week. I figured it was high time to give them coverage… in list form! HHBTM, if you’re not familiar with the label, is short from Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records, and they’ve released several favorites over the years; bands like Patience Please, Fishboy, The Superions, Bunnygrunt, Casper And The Cookies, Velcro Stars and Eux Autres. Their singles club even includes the likes of Apples in Stereo and Of Montreal. Not to mention, the crew plays a major part in Athens Popfest. Read More »Six new Singles by HHBTM

Valentine’s Day Special: 21 Great Singles You May Have Missed

I’ve been contemplating doing something for Valentine’s Day for years, and I finally settled on something good — a massive post packed with great singles from the past. Seems fitting, being the romantic holiday can be a bit alienating for the single person. Or that the seemingly comfy nature of the 7-inch single, with two (well, typically, with an occasional three or four) great songs placed back to back and stuffed in a typically well-designed sleeve, is a bit romantic in and of itself.

Read More »Valentine’s Day Special: 21 Great Singles You May Have Missed

Sweater Girls: EP [7″ Review]

Sweater Girls

Sweater Girls are a new Los Angeles-based group and, according to Mike over at Happy Happy Birthday To Me, their debut 7″ single sold out solely based on word-of-mouth. Listening to the three songs tucked within, it’s easy to hear why — Sweater Girls produce outstanding indie pop music perfect for the HHBTM label, and perfect for everyone’s favorite musical consumption format… vinyl. Read More »Sweater Girls: EP [7″ Review]

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