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Ormonde: Machine [Album Review]

Anna-Lynne Williams and Robert Gomez, the illustrious duo that is Ormonde, have been invading my private spectrum for quite a while now. Several years ago, and old high school chum (more of a friend of a friend type) took up drumming duties for a little band I had sort of heard of before known as Trespassers William. He was essentially dropped from the group before I even knew it. Shortly after, or maybe in between, I was watching one of my favorite films of all time, A Love Song For Bobby Long, and I happened to recognize a precious voice (Anna-Lynne of Trespassers William) that still haunts me with joy when I hear it while Scarlett Johansson does her reading at a bus depot. The story continues.

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Robert Gomez: Pine Sticks and Phosphorus [Album Review]

Robert Gomez

For those not currently in the know, it might seem strange to hear that the soft-hearted anti-folk artist Robert Gomez was once a member a popular Texas based mambo band known as the Latin Pimps. Or that he once toured as a circus performer (of sorts). You won’t hear much direct influence from these experiences on his latest solo effort, Pine Sticks and Phosphorus. But there is an obvious “influenced by the earth” feel to the album. As well as it being a cut above your average singer/songwriter’s work. Read More »Robert Gomez: Pine Sticks and Phosphorus [Album Review]

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