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Railcars 12″ EP Giveaway


If you’ve been following FensePost for a while, you may have heard of Railcars. We premiered a song off their EP Cathedral With No Eyes back when it was just a demo, and we had great things to say about their debut 7″ single Cities Vs. Submarines as well. So yeah, we’ve been a fan of these guys for some time. Railcars is an experimental noise pop outfit from San Francisco fronted by Aria Jalali, and we’re now giving them more love by giving away a copy of last year’s Cathedral EP. Read More »Railcars 12″ EP Giveaway

The Best EPs of 2009

FensePost Top 20: Best EPs of 2009

Not surprisingly, this list is filled with EPs by quite a few bands you know and quite a few you probably don’t. Of the ones you don’t know, many are likely from Washington; a quick count leaves me with five bands, or 1/4 of this list. Many of these bands I consider among the most promising artists to surface in 2009. All are worth checking out, and you’ll want to keep an eye on them as we head into 2010.

Read More »FensePost Top 20: Best EPs of 2009

Railcars Take Miraculous ‘Cathedral With No Eyes’ On The Road


San Francisco garage-noise-pop outfit Railcars dropped their new record yesterday, a mystical collective of ferocious bouts of electro noise dubbed Cathedral With No Eyes. You may remember Railcards from our debut/premiere of “Passion Of St. Edmund (Rebirth)”, or maybe even our premature review of Cathedral With No Eyes from a month and a half ago. Frontman Aria Jalali takes noise and throws it through a lollipop dreamboat; its almost unbelievably upbeat pop nature is something that simply must be heard. Read More »Railcars Take Miraculous ‘Cathedral With No Eyes’ On The Road

Railcars: Cathedral With No Eyes (Album Review)

Cathedral With No Eyes is a rarity — it’s an album that would be ideal from start to finish in a live setting. Raw with passion, overwhelming with overly disorienting music so loud it drowns out any errant thoughts.

Railcars: Passion Of St. Edmund (Rebirth) [FensePost Exclusive/Debut]


Railcars is Aria Jalali and his music is heavily influences by that of Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu. Stewart, in fact, mixed Jalali’s debut single, Cities Vs. Submarines, a fact we noted in the FensePost feature of Railcars. Railcars’ latest release appears to continue in a similar vein with noise-ridden instrumentation and wild, piercing yelps. Read More »Railcars: Passion Of St. Edmund (Rebirth) [FensePost Exclusive/Debut]

Railcars [Feature Band]


I love stumbling across great acts by mistake. Recently, elsewhere, I posted a brief rant on the Joy Division film about Ian Curtis called Control. In the post, I noted that my true introduction to Joy Division’s music stemmed from a cover of “Celebration” Xiu Xiu included on Chapel Of The Chimes. Well, when I saw a post by Railcars titled Xiu Xiu fans rejoice… I had to check them out. Read More »Railcars [Feature Band]

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