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Pure Bathing Culture: Ivory Coast (Video)

Pure Bathing Culture

I have no clue what’s going on. Seriously. A blue thing she treats like a baby. Her man has something evil hidden inside that comes out on occasion. She’s all emotional. There are hologram sharks. I’m sorry, but it’s all beyond me. Yes, I’m talking about the new video for “Ivory Coast” by Portland duo Pure Bathing Culture. It was directed by Sean Pecknold (whose brother Robin fronts Fleet Foxes, and for whom he has directed several music videos). Read More »Pure Bathing Culture: Ivory Coast (Video)

Pure Bathing Culture: EP

Pure Bathing Culture

While I haven’t written about Portland’s Pure Bathing Culture directly, they’ve already become mainstays on both my regular playlist and on my KSVR / KSVU weekly radio show. The duo of Daniel Hindman and Sarah Versprille create quite a full pop sound for there being just two. Early on, I became a big fan of their track “Ivory Coast” off their self-titled, debut EP, out now on Father/Daughter Recordings. Read More »Pure Bathing Culture: EP

Guantanamo Baywatch: Surf Rock, Elvis, and Raunchy Punk

Guantanamo Baywatch

Oh shit. Punk rock meets 60s surf rock and is then compressed into lo-fi obscurity. That’s what you get with Guantanamo Baywatch. No joke. Their new album, Chest Crawl, pairs more accessible instrumental tracks like “Barbacoa” and “Massage My Taj Mahal” (I nominate for best song title of the year) with those containing vocals. Read More »Guantanamo Baywatch: Surf Rock, Elvis, and Raunchy Punk

Blue Skies For Black Hearts: Sitting On The Edge (MP3 Debut)

FensePost is excited to debut “Sitting On The Edge” off Blue Skies For Black Hearts‘ LP Embracing The Modern Age. The song continues the band’s penchant for classic pop sounds backed by glorious pop-rock guitar hooks, loud drums and late 60s to early 70s-style pop vocals filtered through a haze of 90s indie rock. “Sitting On The Edge” features all of these, blending together elements of The Kinks, Phil Spector and Teenage Fanclub into one blissful, fun pop mess. Read More »Blue Skies For Black Hearts: Sitting On The Edge (MP3 Debut)

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