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CLAPS: Fold [Video]


CLAPS produce a sound that isn’t entirely new, but it’s one that is infectious and fun. Heavy, moody synths set the stage on “Fold”, the opening tune off the band’s EP New Science. Fronting that is a monotonous, emotive vocal tenor. Overall, it’s fairly minimal with programmed percussion, but the sound is real and possesses an aura of fullness and color. The band capitalizes on both these elements in their video for “Fold”, filmed by 612im. With CLAPS’ 80s new wave mod sound and the continual focus adjustments from the camera, “Fold” is enough to make the listener tipsy. It induces that pseudo-depressed, manically happy state somewhere between lucidity and being flat out drunk. It’s a good feeling: no forthcoming hangover. Read More »CLAPS: Fold [Video]

Spencer McGillicutty: Games [Album Review]

Spencer McGillicutty

Spencer McGillicutty is a pop group with a retro edge. Their unquestionably complex, catchy melodies and co-ed vocals hint of the pop of the 1950s and ’60s. Games is their sophomore release and on it they go slightly acoustic with excellent tracks like “In My Arms Again” and “Secret Best Friend”. Like the pop music of half-a-century ago, this band creates music that is highly upbeat. Read More »Spencer McGillicutty: Games [Album Review]

Air Conditioning School: Wake Me Up [Video]

Air Conditioning School

On my radar late last year, Total Babe came to dominate as a band that released one of my favorite EPs of the year. From that same label, So-Tm Records, comes Air Conditioning School. The band’s lazy acoustic folk-pop has the perfect swagger for the upcoming summer months, and “Wake Me Up” is a perfect example of this band’s ability. Like the song, which has traits common to the lo-fi and DIY communities, the video is simple and monochromatic. Read More »Air Conditioning School: Wake Me Up [Video]

UltraChorus: Ultra-Def [Album Review]


Chris Heidman knows electronic music. Jeff Lorentzen knows R&B/hip hop flavor. Together they make UltraChorus, a digitized electro-pop frenzy that rivals the likes of Gnarls Barkley or Hot Chip. Because of the nonconforming and experimental irregularities that their debut album Ultra-Def has against modern R&B, there is an indifference in what this Minneapolis based duo should be labeled. All that’s really important to understand is that these cats have soul and can write one hell of a love song. Whatever category their qualities are dubbed, they probably exceed the necessary credentials for that three others as well. Read More »UltraChorus: Ultra-Def [Album Review]

Total Babe: Heatwave EP [Album Review]

Total Babe (Band)

Such a confounding name, Total Babe; after all, the band is all-out indie pop. Then again, when you were a teenager, a name like Total Babe would have been perfect for your acoustic-garage-pop. But it’s highly unlikely your pop songs would have been as… well, freaking amazing as Total Babe’s. Heatwave is packed with pop greatness. With airy female vocals, hefty acoustic guitar strums, and a few complex melodies, these songs are both honest and endearing. Read More »Total Babe: Heatwave EP [Album Review]

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