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CLAPS: Fold [Video]


CLAPS produce a sound that isn’t entirely new, but it’s one that is infectious and fun. Heavy, moody synths set the stage on “Fold”, the opening tune off the band’s EP New Science. Fronting that is a monotonous, emotive vocal tenor. Overall, it’s fairly minimal with programmed percussion, but the sound is real and possesses an aura of fullness and color. The band capitalizes on both these elements in their video for “Fold”, filmed by 612im. With CLAPS’ 80s new wave mod sound and the continual focus adjustments from the camera, “Fold” is enough to make the listener tipsy. It induces that pseudo-depressed, manically happy state somewhere between lucidity and being flat out drunk. It’s a good feeling: no forthcoming hangover.

New Science is out now on Guilt Ridden Pop.

Download: “Fold” by Claps

CLAPS- Fold from Toast Ghost on Vimeo.

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