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25 Great Bands, 30 Great Music Videos


Creating a music video, in my opinion, should be about creating art. There are so many intricate elements that should go into a video that are so often left forgotten or, at least, unattended. First and foremost is the song itself — a video must compliment the art to which it is expanding from audio to video. Connecting the two is extremely important. Second is theme. The best videos have some storyline, vague or distinct. Or at least something visually interesting. Read More »25 Great Bands, 30 Great Music Videos

[ingenting] – Dina händer är fulla av blommor [Video]


Oh I’m loving this! It’s the new video by (what seems like) Sweden’s only native-tongue-singing band [ingenting]. The song is “Dina händer är fulla av blommor” and it’s one of their catchiest yet, easily matching prior favorites like “Syster dyster”, “Har kommer solen” and “Slapp Inb Solen”. A loose, very poor translation (no thanks to very poor online translation systems) could be “In Your Hands Full Of Blossoms” or possibly even “Your Hands Are Full Of Blossoms”. It’s a sad song, one full of longing and loss. The theme is carried through the video quite nicely, making my forthcoming compilation of the year’s best videos even harder to pare down. Read More »[ingenting] – Dina händer är fulla av blommor [Video]

[ingenting]: Halleluja [Track Review]


Of the seemingly countless Swedish artists/groups I follow, rarely does one surface that sings in the native tongue. They instead tend to favor English. [ingenting] is one of the rarities and their new track “Halleluja” is packed with beautiful pop melodies and a title even the English-only speaking individuals on this side of the Western world can understand. Whether you can comprehend the rest of the words, however, is of little significance — the melodies are enough to carry the listener away, and there are more than enough hooks to… well, get hooked. Read More »[ingenting]: Halleluja [Track Review]

[ingenting]: Punkdrömmar [Digital Single Review]


I recently stated in a review that numerous versions of the same song played consecutively can be a bit of a put-off. Then again, we all tend to say things that side on being hypocritical. Yesterday I was discussing how the concept of the “band shirt” could be ridiculous. It was then pointed out to me that having a button on the tweed jacket I often wear to work is no different. And, then again, today I find myself wearing a Voxtrot tee and cut-offs. Perhaps it is not necessarily hypocrisy but poor communication. Read More »[ingenting]: Punkdrömmar [Digital Single Review]

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