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Fense’s Radio Show: October 19, 2012

KSVR Turntables

I’m not going to talk about my October 19 radio show, other than this sentence and noting the playlist is below. Instead, I’m going to pump up the forthcoming October 26 show. But first, a little history behind next week’s show.

When I first moved to Mount Vernon, I purchased a 7″ single on eBay of a Seattle band called Tullycraft. After winning the auction, I received a message from one Brett Sandstrom, who noted that he lived in the neighboring town of Sedro-Woolley. We were both a bit shocked to find music obsessed individuals with a penchant for the indie stuff in the area.

Fast forward four years. I invited Brett to join me in the studio for a themed, vinyl only evening. The theme came from my fiance, Andi, who, when asked, immediately requested the ’90s. So I trekked out to Sedro-Woolley with some records the afternoon of the 19th, and we pulled together about 30 optional singles to spin next week.

The above photo is my failed attempt to play “The Fountain” by Creeper Lagoon on air. This particular single is a cool clear yellow and is part of the Sub Pop Singles Club from 1998. As long as KSVR can ensure the turntables are working properly, we’ll be in the studio next week with a big stack of 7″ singles.

Radio Playlist

“Friday On My Mind” by David Bowie off Pin Ups (Bonus Track)
“Friday Night At The Drive-In Bingo” by Jens Lekman off Night Falls On Kortedala
“Can’t Say No To Friday” by The Torn ACLs off Make A Break, Make A Move

“Child” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes off Here
“Fairytales and Other Forms of Suicide” by The Old Ceremony off Fairytales and Other Forms of Suicide
“Flittin'” by Meursault off Something For the Weakened

“Welcome To The Occupation” by R.E.M. off Document (25th Anniversary Edition)
“Walking On A Wire” by The Casket Girls off Sleepwalking

“Away For The Weekend” by Social Studies off Developer
“Quand Vas Tu Rentrer” by Melody’s Echo Chamber off Melody’s Echo Chamber
“Fly” by Opossom off Electric Hawaii

“Let It Live Free” by He’s My Brother She’s My Sister off Nobody Dances In This Town
“Baby Be” by The Pharmacy off Stoned & Alone

“Unusual World” by King Tuff off King Tuff
“O Katrina!” by The Black Lips off Good Bad Not Evil

“Who Do You Think You Are” by Saint Etienne off Smash The System: Singles And More
“Show Me Your Plans” by Unarmed Enemies off Unarmed Enemies

“Pure Pleasure Seeker (Todd Edward’s Pleasure For Your Life UK Vocal)” by Moloko off All Back To The Mine
“Euroheart” by Le Sport off It’s Not The End Of The World
“Lucky Star” by The Legends off Facts And Figures

“Tomorrow Never Dies” by Saint Etienne off Boxette (Disc 2): Built On Sand
“Punkdrömmar” by [ingenting] off Punkdrömmar
“Sense (Meridians & Croquet Club Remix)” by Amanda Mair off Sense

“Grandloves” by Purity Ring off Shrines

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