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[ingenting]: Halleluja [Track Review]


Of the seemingly countless Swedish artists/groups I follow, rarely does one surface that sings in the native tongue. They instead tend to favor English. [ingenting] is one of the rarities and their new track “Halleluja” is packed with beautiful pop melodies and a title even the English-only speaking individuals on this side of the Western world can understand. Whether you can comprehend the rest of the words, however, is of little significance — the melodies are enough to carry the listener away, and there are more than enough hooks to… well, get hooked.

[ingenting], furthermore, is unique in the world of indie-pop. One of their last albums featured electronic remixes of their song “Punkdrömmar“. And while “Halleluja” may not be a remix-worthy track, it’s more than worthy of your summer pop playlist. “Halleluja” can be found on the upcoming Tomhet, idel tomhet, out September 9 (my 29th birthday) on Labrador Records.

[ingenting]: Halleluja [mp3]

Tomhet, Idel Tomhet by [ingenting]

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