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A FensePost Top 15 List: The Best EPs of 2012

FensePost Top EPs of 2012

While everyone else goes ape sh*t over EPs by Lana Del Rey and Ke$ha, well, we took a different approach and didn’t listen to those artists this year. Instead, last night, I ran through my entire library on iTunes and settled on my top 15 EPs of 2012.

Yeah, as these lists go, I’m sure I’m missing some pretty great ones in here that will leave me slapping my forehead later, but whatevz. It’s all subjective anyway, right? Read More »A FensePost Top 15 List: The Best EPs of 2012

Inca Gold: Atom (Video)

Inca Gold

In their song, “Atom”, London-based Inca Gold filter their psychedelic drone through an array of colorful tones as vibrant as the new video for said song. “Atom” has a laid back beat, high-pitched near indecipherable vocal tenor, and a hint of nerdy-ness on par with what you might expect to hear from the live band at the Roadhouse in the David Lynch masterpiece Twin Peaks. Read More »Inca Gold: Atom (Video)

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