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Gap Dream: Shine Your Light (Video)


This month, Gap Dream will release their sophomore LP, Shine Your Light. In preparation for the release, the band has given us a new video for the opening and title track “Shine Your Light”. It features John Ennis (Mr. Show) trying to find is friend/partner who may have been abducted by aliens. The X-Files-like sci-fi sees Ennis driven to alcoholism (or are those mini Listerine bottles?) in his search; what he ultimately discovers blows his mind. Read More »Gap Dream: Shine Your Light (Video)

Gap Dream

Gap Dream: Chill Spot (Video)

Gap Dream

Hazy psychedelic pop and hip hop do not go well together. Yet with his new single, Gap Dream’s Gabe Fulvimar pulls off the mash-up effortlessly. Never have two so mismatched genres worked this well together. “Chill Spot” is the new song’s name, and it can be found as the A-side on Gap Dream’s new 7-inch single on Burger Records. Like most things Burger, this one comes on a limited pressing of 150 dark blue copies of wax and 350 black ones. Read More »Gap Dream: Chill Spot (Video)

New Bicycle

On the Radio at KSVR: A Psychedelic & Garage Mix

I picked up a new toy a few hours before my show. My bike had been in the shop for a few days with a broken spoke and to get a new chain and cassette (the latter of which was a special order item), and I decided to try out a 2012 model Trek. Ended up using my old bike as a trade in and coming home with the new ride pictured above. With this kind of reckless spending, I needed a garage/psychedelic rock kind of night.

Read More »On the Radio at KSVR: A Psychedelic & Garage Mix
Mount Vernon Revetment Project: Building Teardown

Fense’s Radio Show: October 5, 2012

With as much psychedelic pop and rock that I’ve been listening to lately, it only made sense to put together a full show featuring the sub-genres. Of course, I also threw in some beloved garage rock to keep things sane. For the first time in ages, I took the KSVR and KSVU airwaves and played several older tunes (older meaning 2011 and before), with bands like Wooden Shjips and The Mantles and Comets on Fire. New releases got their fair share of air play as well: recent songs from The Fresh & Onlys, Two Gallants, Sunglasses and METZ also made the cut. Check out the playlist below and sample the songs in blue.

Read More »Fense’s Radio Show: October 5, 2012

Gap Dream: Generator MP3

Gap Dream

Unlike most albums, there is greatness behind every single track on Gap Dream by Gap Dream. My listening habits have commenced as such: obsessive listens to “58th Street Fingers” and “Slave” followed by the same with “Go Ahead”. Now dominating my playlist are “My Other Man” and “Leather”. And this in just a few short weeks since discovering the band. Read More »Gap Dream: Generator MP3

KSVR Board

Fense’s Radio Show: September 14, 2012

The week leading up to this week’s radio show was spent taking it easy. It’s almost the end of summer, and after several consecutive weekends of house projects that overlapped into weekday evenings, it was a needed break. The resulting playlist was a mix of randomly-pieced together new releases paired with some classic favorites such as Belle and Sebastian (circa 1996), The High Dials (2006) and old The Fresh and Onlys (2009).

Read More »Fense’s Radio Show: September 14, 2012

Gap Dream: Feature

Gap Dream

Gap Dream is the project of Cleveland resident Gabriel Fulvimar. Fulvimar’s self-titled album under the Gap Dream name appears to be heavily influenced by Nuggets-era 60s psych rock. The band has been labeled as everything from garage rock (which is a tab I would attribute to them, but only slightly) to surf-rock (not quite hearing it) and beyond. Everyone has their own opinion. Most words I’ve seen, though, agree that Gap Dream is a pretty damn phenomenal record. I, of course, fully concur. Read More »Gap Dream: Feature

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