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Fleet Foxes Nonesuch 2017

Fleet Foxes is an indie folk band out of Seattle, Washington that formed in 2006. They released their debut EP (Sun Giant) and self-titled LP on Sub Pop Records in 2008. The album was included in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die by Robert Dimery. The band is centered around frontman Robin Pecknold.

Of note, the early lineup included Josh Tillman, better known for his stage name Father John Misty. Tillman left in 2012 to eventually focus on his solo career, and by 2014 Pecknold had moved to New York to focus on completing an undergraduate degree.

While the band went on hiatus in 2013, they returned in 2016 and has been active since.

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Below, you’ll find a complete collection of album reviews, song reviews, features, music videos, lists, and more covered on FensePost that feature or include Fleet Foxes.

Fleet Foxes: The Shrine / An Argument (Video)

Of all Fleet Foxes‘ collective works to date, none have impressed me as much and as thoroughly as “The Shrine / An Argument”. Off their latest LP, Helplessness Blues, the song is a medley of sorts, an elongated story with various movements. It’s downright exciting to see the song played out in an eight-minute video, created by front-man Robin Pecknold’s brother Sean. The song is epic in the truest of senses. Read More »Fleet Foxes: The Shrine / An Argument (Video)

Fense’s Radio Show: October 7, 2011

I entered the studio at about 9:35pm, meeting up with Stuarto, who has the time slot before mine. A quick interview about 15 minutes before my show, another few songs, and I was up. It was requested that I attempt a transition, and as indie music is my theme, and world music is his, I figured I’d kick things off with an oldie, but goodie: “The Gulag Orkestar” by Beirut. Read More »Fense’s Radio Show: October 7, 2011

Fleet Foxes: Grown Ocean [Video]


Fleet Foxes new one is a bit different from their debut. The production is vastly different. Robin Pecknold’s vocals sound extremely different (not to mention the lyrics, which a friend equated to being similar to those found in his high school journal), having been honed and crafted whereas before they sounded a bit raw at times. But what remains the same is Fleet Foxes ability to create a great sounding song. Read More »Fleet Foxes: Grown Ocean [Video]

Best Albums of 2008

A Retrospective Top 33 and 1/3: Best Albums of 2008

When I compiled my original Best Of 2008 list last December, it was a snow day. The sky dropped about a foot, maybe a foot and a half of fluffy white stuff and we lowly sub-compact drivers could go nowhere. Between ranking albums and locating album art, I took a stroll around town with my camera. The above image comes from that trek. Overall, I was pretty happy with last year’s list but, in revisiting all the albums from 2008, I now see quite a few that I left out.

Read More »A Retrospective Top 33 and 1/3: Best Albums of 2008
The Best Albums of 2008

Best of 2008: Fense’s Top 33 & 1/3 Albums of the Year

The year is over. We have a new president about to take office, a failing economy, and out of control weather. The good news is that last year saw some amazing albums hit and, thanks to the rampant oppression of hard times, next year should prove just as fruitful music-wise. After all, difficult times, depression, etc. can often breed above average achievements in the arts… right?

So here it is, my top 33 and 1/3 albums of the year and the last post of 2008. The 33 is for the top 33 albums (with a few EPs included) of the year, while the 1/3 is an honorable mention 7″ single. We’ll begin with the latter…

Read More »Best of 2008: Fense’s Top 33 & 1/3 Albums of the Year

Fleet Foxes: He Doesn’t Know Why [Video]

Fleet Foxes by David Belisle

Written by Fense

Oh I like this video. It’s a bit of a departure from Fleet Foxes’ first video, “White Winter Hymnal”, but it’s just as good. The video displays perfectly the group’s ability to construct multiple-part vocal harmonies, and emphasizes the band’s folk-rock sensibilities. If you’re new to Fleet Foxes, you’re in for a treat; if you’re an old hand at their music, you pretty much know what to expect. Either way, the video is worth it. Read More »Fleet Foxes: He Doesn’t Know Why [Video]

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