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Morrissey | Everyday is Like Sunday | Promo 7-inch Single

Morrissey Everyday is Like Sunday Single

Morrissey’s debut solo LP Viva Hate turns 35 in 2023. Today, I’m going to take a look at the second single from that LP, “Everyday is Like Sunday.” I’ll share a little about how a promo 7-inch single for the song found its way into my collection. I’ll dig into Viva Hate briefly. And I’ll talk about the song and the music video a bit more.

We’ll start with my video review, in case you would rather watch:

Promo 7-Inch Single

My copy is a promotional 7-inch single for the song. It features the same song on both sides and, well, nothing else. But it does come in a cool sleeve which, well, features the same image of Morrissey on both sides as well. Par for the course, I guess. Shrug.

I found this 7-inch in about 2016 or 2017 while crate digging at the local record store I’d frequent back in Washington. Back then the owner of the shop would give me a call when he brought in a big haul, and this came from one of those times. I’d go in spend hours sifting through an insurmountable amount of crap and every so often come away with a little gem.

I don’t recall what all I came home with, but there were a few. This was probably my best find from that particular haul, and it became mine for just $1.50. As of today, which is January 2023, it’ll run you between $20-50 based on the three copies currently listed on that marketplace. While admittedly cool, don’t spring for this particular 7-inch. You can find a copy of the 12-inch maxi-single with additional songs for the same price.

Everyday is Like Sunday

“Everyday is Like Sunday” is off Morrissey’s debut solo release, Viva Hate from March of 1988. The song got all the way to #9 in on the charts in the UK and thus enjoyed a fair amount of critical success and remains among Morrissey’s most successful songs in his solo career which continues today. 

The song was co-written by Stephen Street, who had worked with Morrissey on his debut solo single, “Suedehead,” also off Viva Hate. Street also played bass on the song.

About the song, I’ll pull a snippet from Wikipedia:

“The song’s lyrics, which commemorate the dreariness of a seaside town in the off-season,were reportedly inspired by the Mid-Welsh coastal town of Borth, as well as Nevil Shute’s “On the Beach,” a novel about a group of people waiting for nuclear devastation in Melbourne, Australia.”

Everyday is Like Sunday [Wikipedia]

So very Morrissey, am I right?!?

Take the opening lyrics…

Trudging slowly over wet sand
Back to the bench where your clothes were stolen
This is the coastal town
That they forgot to close down

You can see the parallels. And Morrissey is quoted as saying the following about the song: “The British holiday resort is just like a symbol of Britain’s absurdity really. The idea of a resort in Britain doesn’t seem natural.”

That is obvious in the chorus:

Everyday is like Sunday
Everyday is silent and gray

Interestingly enough, Street’s bass performance draws notable influence from Echo and the Bunnymen, something he had always admitted outright, and something that was incorporated directly into the songwriting process between himself and Morrissey.

A Single off Viva Hate

As noted earlier, the song is off Viva Hate, which came out in March of 1988. The song was pulled as a single and released in May of that year, following the first single from the LP, “Suedehead.”

While not included on this 7-inch, the original B-sides followed other singles of the day with the A featuring the single itself and the B including 2-3 songs — something you see on most 12-inch singles by The Smiths.

Three songs were included: “Disappointed,” “Will Never Marry,” and “Sister, I’m a Poet.” All were written and recorded after the original Viva Hate sessions and can be seen as a progression from that album into what came after.

Everyday is Like Sunday Music Video

In addition to being released as a single, the song was also given a music video, directed by Tim Broad, in which Morrissey himself appears in the background here and there—he’s a cyclist (something I fully relate to), a shop assistant, a customer at a cafe (another thing of which I’m quite familiar). 

When it comes down to it, “Everyday is Like Sunday” is one of my favorites by the often controversial ex-frontman of the Smiths. Love him, hate him, he can sure craft a great song, and as you’ll find I’m not alone in my belief that this single remains among his best. 

What is your favorite song by Morrissey? How about the Smiths? Any favorites there? Let me know in the comments, and if I have the single, maybe I’ll cover that next.

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