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Muzz Shares New Video for “Red Western Sky”

Muzz the Band

Muzz is a relatively new project featuring Interpol frontman Paul Banks, Matt Barrick from The Walkmen, and Josh Kaufman of Bonny Light Horseman. They’ve given us a video for “Red Western Sky” to hype their forthcoming debut LP.

Relatively new. Technically, the band has been around for a few years. The trio began early recording sessions all the way back in 2005!

Listen to Early Samples of Muzz

Prior to “Red Western Sky”, Muzz debuted two other tracks. We’ll take a look at these below, while exploring the band’s sound (a bit).

Muzz makes laid-back, low-key indie rock; quite the departure from Interpol’s broody, dark post-punk. The earliest example came with “Bad Feeling”, chill and borderline melancholy. Take a listen on Spotify:

It has a nice swagger to it, right?

You get the same with “Broken Tambourine.” It’s subtle, with an underlying dual tone of sadness and beauty. The song begins with a piano before the other members enter.

Not what you’d expect from The Walkmen, either. But it’s a little closer to that band than Interpol.

Alright. Two songs in. It’s good, but it hasn’t floored me yet.

Red Western Sky

Until “Red Western Sky”, one could barely conjure up the presence of an Interpol member, let alone its frontman Paul Banks. But his voice is immediately recognizable in the earliest moments of the song.

Until now, I was questioning the band. Where’s that POWER? Personally, I was missing that thing that made me jump out of my seat and scream YES!!!

In “Red Western Sky”, it arrives in full force. Check out the video below:

The song is fuller, more rounded than the first two. It has POWER. It sucks you in, grips your soul, and spits out out with a certain excitement reserved primarily for times when you hear a song that becomes a mainstay in your ever-revolving playlist of favorites.

Revisiting “Broken Tambourine”

Now, go back and listen to the other songs again, and you’ll get it. They’ll grow on you.

Case in point is “Broken Tambourine”, which also received video treatment:

But first, cycle through “Red Western Sky” a few more times. I know I did.

Mark your calendar for June 5. Muzz will release its self-titled debut LP that day on Matador Records.

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