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3 Noteworthy Reissues from 2019 Worthy of My Record Collection

Best of 2019 Vinyl

In the process of compiling my Best of 2019 list, I came across a few vinyl reissues worthy of highlighting. I was going to add this as a bonus to that post, but it grew into something worthy of its own.

Here are three noteworthy reissues on vinyl that I found worthy enough to add to my collection.

Within is one limited pressing and two first-time-on-vinyl releases.

The Appleseed Cast: Two Conversations

I remember first stumbling upon The Appleseed Cast sometime in the early oughts. Probably around 2002 or early 2003, as I don’t recall seeing Two Conversations as available and I do remember seeing the Low Level Owl duo.

Two Conversations follows one of my favorites by the band, their 2000 LP, Mare Vitalis. The album is rooted in dreamy, emotive rock–the era of post-hardcore, pre-pop-punk emo where sonic soundscapes ruled the land, pulling in more traits of shoegaze than the emo that came before.

As a whole, this album is stunning. It’s been reissued several times, and the 2019 reissue comes on neon yellow and baby blue wax with oxblood splatter.

Appleseed Cast Two Conversations 2019 Reissue Colored Vinyl

You can find it while supplies last on the Graveface Bandcamp page.

Darlings: Yeah I Know (10-Year Anniversary)

Back in 2009, I ranked Yeah I Know by Darlings at #6 on my Best of 2009 list. Ten years later, they, along with their label Famous Class Records, finally gave us that album on vinyl.

But wait. This is no typical anniversary pressing.

It’s a highly limited reissue of just 150 hand-poured vinyl records. That’s it. So, not only is each relatively unique given the construct process of these records, there is a high level of scarcity to it.

Darlings Yeah I Know Vinyl

Obviously something I’d want in my collection. Wouldn’t you?

The Radio Dept: I Don’t Need Love, I’ve Got My Band

There’s not much more I can say about The Radio Dept‘s reissue of two early EPs than I already did in my original review of I Don’t Need Love, I’ve Got My Band.

Following their departure from Labrador Records, the band has began reissuing early works on vinyl, some of which have been out of print for years.

The Radio Dept I Don't Need Love I've Got My Band Vinyl

I Don’t Need Love, I’ve Got My Band sees two EPs pressed to vinyl for the first time. The A side is Pulling Our Weight, and B is This Past Week.

Here’s “We Climb the Wired Fences”:

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