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“Smooth Big Cat” by Dope Lemon is Damn Fine Stoner Pop

Dope Lemon Smooth Big Cat Vinyl

I’m a late-comer to the Dope Lemon and Angus Stone craze. In fact, it was just early this year that I found obsession with his 2016 LP Honey Bones!

His sophomore LP under the Dope Lemon name, Smooth Big Cat, was released just a few months ago (or, for those with the predilection toward vinyl, a production delay meant early this fall).

Smooth Big Cat Vinyl Cover Art

A Psychedelic Vinyl Moving Picture Disc

Dope Lemon released Smooth Big Cat on a yellow picture disc with a psychedelic swirl. Focus on a spot along the outer edge of the vinyl as it plays and you’ll see a cat running.

The disc is housed within a standard record jacket, which isn’t something you often see with picture discs.

Here’s a quick vinyl unboxing video I put together on this album:

The Hazy Stoner Pop of Smooth Big Cat

Fans of Dope Lemon’s Honey Bones from 2016 will rejoice: Smooth Big Cat follows in that album’s footsteps with a relatively similar sound and feel. Yes, that means more hazy stoner pop!

As a teaser to the release, Dope Lemon gave us the first two tracks off the album, “Hey You” and “Salt & Pepper”. These are probably the most representative songs to what you heard on Honey Bones.

Here’s the video for the “Hey You”:

Throughout Smooth Big Cat, Stone continues the overly hazy, dreamy, late summer evening pop he gave us on that debut release. It stands on its own, though, still full of swagger but with even more standout tracks than before.

Listen to album favorite “The Midnight Slow” below:

The whole album is like this: drenched in a smokey haze that smells a little funky, a pungent waft of marijuana sifting out from under the door.

Smooth Big Cat Vinyl Inserts

Dope Lemon is laid back stoner pop at its true best.

Enjoy Frequently, But Don’t Overindulge

So where does that put us? Smooth Big Cat, like its predecessor, is a fully enjoyable album, but it’s also one that you have to take with a grain of salt. It’s a mainstay that comes around every so often as opposed to something you want to overly indulge in.

But hey, isn’t all great music like that?

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