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Getting Dirty with “Sugar Tastes Like Salt” by The Orielles

The Orielles

“Sugar Tastes Like Salt” seems to be the new Heavenly Records norm, and also the song title from the label’s latest signee, a band called The Orielles.

The Orielles

Alright, since returning to the blogosphere a few weeks ago after my near two-year hiatus, my attention has predominantly been inward. A focus centered on artists of which I am already aware. These artists are ones that have a home in my collection. It’s where my head has been, and will likely continue to be.

But, for all the love of longtime favorites releasing new material–and there has been and will soon be plenty, from Spoon to Ty Segall, Jens Lekman to Woods–I don’t want to completely ignore the new artist.

So today I’m taking a look at the latest offering from longtime label Heavenly, which apparently has taken a turn down a dark path of late. Dark sounding, at least.

Last year, to my surprise, Heavenly released Who Sold My Generation by Night Beats. It was among my favorite albums of the year thanks to an overindulgence of gritty garage rock and pseudo post punk.

The Orielles seem to be of a similar mind.

I cracked this one open fully expecting something entirely different. I anticipated a joyous indie pop sound, something you’d get from Amelia Fletcher and company or even lightly electronic pop like Sarah Cracknell.

Whelp, that was a big ol’ NOPE.

Post punk at its core, but with hint traces of indie pop and garage rock, “Sugar Tastes Like Salt” flickers between these core sub-genres with ease. There are hints of the sound quickly becoming signature to Night Beats, yet also traces of classic post punk rockers like The Slits.

Hailing from Halifax, The Orielles are Heavenly’s newest signees. This trio is young. I’m talking born when I was in or graduating from high school young. But their sound is not. The Orielles are great at crafting powerful post punk, and “Sugar Tastes Like Salt” is easy proof.

The song found a home on a self-released 7-inch for “Joey Says We Got It”. The band also boasts two other singles to their name. Their new label Heavenly promises to grow this in the near future; thankfully we won’t have long to wait.

I feel dirty after listening to this track. It’s that gritty and rough. The kinda dirty that makes you feel good, in a somewhat naughty way. It’s rougher than the road burn I got from crashing my bike last year.

Makes sense–the track has a not-so-subtle reference to Tarantino’s Deathproof:

Well, ain’t you so sweet that you make sugar taste just like salt.

In these new releases, Heavenly seems to be withdrawing from some of its legacy sound, that found in artists like Saint Etienne, Beth Orton and Doves. While it may not entirely be new (Heavenly’s been releasing Mark Lanegan since 2013), I have to say I love it!

Keep it up Heavenly and keep it up The Orielles!

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