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Spoon Releases Video for Can I Sit Next to You? off Hot Thoughts

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I’m sure I’m not the only one who has really been enjoying the latest from Austin, TX band Spoon. Britt Daniel and company are at it again with a new release called Hot Thoughts, and today they dropped the album’s first video, “Can I Sit Next to You?”

The black and white video was directed by Marcel Dzama and features folks dancing around while wearing masks and costumes, a game of chess and what appears to be a spinning disco ball.

Both “Can I Sit Next to You?” and album title track “Hot Thoughts” are much more along the lines of dance pop than earlier releases, and I’m definitely digging it. The early favorite is the title track, which has an excellent beat and rhythm to it.

Spoon is one of those bands that has been both consistently relevant from a commercial standpoint. (They remain between both vast commercial popularity and holding just enough indie cred to be slapped with the “independent rock” label.) And, perhaps most importantly, they have the rare ability to pump out one good album after another.

Hearing the first two tracks released from Hot Thoughts demonstrates that there has been no significant change in that department. Spoon continues to create great music.

If you’re like me, both tracks spark immense excitement for the album to drop, which takes place on March 17, just under a month from now. Come April, Spoon will be embarking on a brief multi-state tour. It’s yet to be announced when they’ll hit the Seattle area and the Pacific Northwest, but they’ll likely swing by sometime before the year is out.

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