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Eleven: The Path Forward

red and white vinyl records

No, eleven isn’t just a play on my favorite new TV show of 2016, Stranger Things. It’s a reminder to myself that 2017 is the eleventh year FensePost has been in existence, and the year that I take a new path forward in the content I create as I rebuild the FensePost following.

Commentary on the Trailing 24 Months

The Path Forward is a plan. A plan to return to blogging, which originated out of a separate idea to use video content to hold me to my goal to ride my bike 3,650 miles this year.

One thing led to another, and the ideas began to flow.

While FensePost has largely been stagnant over the past nearly two years, I feel confident in this plan to return to content generation and the spreading of what I deem super amazing music.

The issue hasn’t been a lack of desire, it’s been life. Things change when you hit your mid 30s. I’m a career man. I have greater responsibilities. I’m married with a family (wife and obese cat) and spend significant amounts of time on house projects.

But my passion for music remains as strong as ever.

Just one thing has changed there: the frame of reference around the core concept of why FensePost was created in the first place…my love of discovering new music.

I still love discovering new music, but there’s a key difference in one word that has shifted my perspective and threw the whole idea of FensePost into hiatus, and that’s the word new.

New used to mean just released or soon-to-be-released. This is no longer the case. Over the past two-plus years, my discovery desires have remained strong, but the focus has moved from new releases to new to me.

This has accompanied a variety of channels over those two years, starting with an intense exploration of fringe psychedelic rock from the late-60s and early-70s to a dive into the original era of teenage garage rock in the mid-60s. Of late, my obsession has been discovering lost gems from the Paisley Underground era of the garage rock and psychedelic rock resurgence that took place in the 1980s.

red and white vinyl records

The Path Forward

So, now in its eleventh year, my plan is to bring FensePost back from hiatus but with a new focus and new direction.

The idea finally materialized last night while at my weekly radio show at Skagit Valley College community radio station KSVR. (Shameless plug, tune in to every Friday from 8-10pm Pacific.)

No longer will I be held to the new of old.

No longer will posts be generated daily (as they haven’t been for two years now) and focused solely on what I glean as favorites from the pitch and PR (though some will certainly break through the avalanche of emails I continue to receive).

No longer will FensePost be tied to the traditional style and prose of your standard music blog.

It’s a new era. One that continues to be focused on the music I love and the music I strive to discover. One that takes into consideration a wider spectrum of content generation, snippets of research, and mashes it up into an orgy of original copy, original imagery, embedded audio and video samples, and occasional original video.

Diatribe will continue to be in my typical long form rambling style, and I’ll do my best to be accurate and factual.

Long and short: I want to have fun blogging again. As a content creator since 1999, the hiatus that unofficially began as early as 2013 but truly originated in December 2015, was a long time coming.

Call it a 14-year-itch.

But its end has arrived. Don’t yet believe it? Check out what I’ve been up to on my new Skagit Bike Blog.

Coming soon, I hope:

  • A discussion on collecting vinyl and being a completist.
  • An observation in discovering the amazing side of a once disliked artist.
  • Feeling out new obsessions in sub-genres I, until recently, never knew existed.
  • How to discover something amazing that you’ve had in your record collection for years.
  • Putting together a great playlist as described from the vantage point of a radio DJ.
  • Finally obsessing and gushing over an artist I admit I should have been listening to for years.

…and each of these with a concrete artist or release, either new or historic, as a centerpiece.

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