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Best Album of 2015 So Far: Eternal Death’s New Self-Titled LP

Eternal Death Sweden

I see quite a contradiction here. Elin Berlin is the face behind Swedish blog Youth Knows No Pain. In it, for the most part, she seems to maintain a sunny and bright disposition. But things aren’t always as they seem; by night she records under the moniker Eternal Death, a meditative project with Johan Angergård (Acid House Kings, Club 8, The Legends).

Eternal Death sounds like a bad 80s hair band containing ugly dudes with big hair and painted faces. Not true: instead Eternal Death poses a equally confounding clash-of-expectations. Elin’s vocals are sweet and somewhat upbeat, albeit not the happiest in tone or content. The music is an explosion of gothic darkness, as executed through synth notes and heavy electronic beats.

This is music ideal for the darkness; those quiet times at night when you are alone. It is music for the contemplative and solitary. Late night drives. Late night walks. Maybe a solo stargaze.

Seemingly simple, yet almost overwhelming in both volume and emotion, Eternal Death pumps out one stunning track after another, each with a single descriptive word as a title. “Violence” is an early favorite and was given video treatment (see below), while “Breath” and “Bullet” come off as hyper electro-pop masterpieces.

Labrador Records reports that the album was released earlier this week (February 24 to be exact), but so far it is not yet available in physical form that I can find, only digital. That will come soon, I am sure. And I know I’ll be snapping up a copy of vinyl (if we’re blessed enough for it to be released on wax) as soon as I see that “add to cart” button activated.

I already feel comfortable stating that Eternal Death could very well be a top five — or even top three — contender for album of the year!

Check out the video for “Violence” below, along with a stream of “Bullet” via Soundcloud.

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