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Woods: It Ain’t Easy (Video)

I failed at a few things during my compilation of last year’s Best of 2012 list. Two items stand out: first is the absence of Wymond Miles’ Under the Pale Moon, which I didn’t check out in full until early this year. The second was placing Bend Beyond by Woods someplace other than my number 1 record of the year.

Within Bend Beyond, you’ll find a variety of psych-rock tracks and a sprinkling of more folk-tinged ones. Among the latter is “It Ain’t Easy”, a soft and heartfelt finger-plucked acoustic tune sung in lead singer/guitarist Jeremy Earl’s signature falsetto.

It ain’t hard to say
It ain’t easy
Looking for different ways
To make things stay the same…

Among the more emotional tracks on the album, Woods have now handed it over to Adarsha Benjamin, who directed videos last year for album highlights “Cali in a Cup” and “Size Meets The Sound”. Like those videos, “It Ain’t Easy” features 8mm footage likely filmed while on the road during their tours over the past few years. Fader premiered the video, noting:

The third installment of her video trilogy for the album, this clip for “It Ain’t Easy” culls from similarly breathtaking terrain, this time forgoing the images of the band itself to focus in on traces of humanity (abandoned buildings, a discarded typewriter, flower power rock murals) in what otherwise feels like an infinity of sand, dirt and vegetation.

Check out the video below and, by all means, visit Woodsist and grab this album. As a bonus, check out “God’s Children”, the B-side off Woods’ somewhat recent 7″ single for “Be All Be Easy”, also available now from Woodsist.

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