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Grizzly Bear: Will Calls (MP3 Review)

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear is one of those bands that continues to surprise. Look back at their early work, and there are some truly stunning tracks; it’s what propelled them into early indie fame. Enter 2012 and their track “Sleeping Ute” off Shields. The band hadn’t created something quite this catchy before, and paired with the other tracks on Shields led it and the accompanying album to be among the year’s best.

The band returns with Shields: Expanded, which, in addition to the original album, will include a variety of b-sides (eight total), remixes, and demos. This will occur as a double CD or 18-track digital album. For those wax-only folks, Shields: B-Sides will be released on 180-gram vinyl and feature all eight b-sides.

“Will Calls” is one of those b-sides.

Like “Sleeping Ute”, it features immensely catchy vocals. It opens melodically before suddenly building. The chorus during the song’s midpoint is where you’ll find the true vocal hook. The second half — the song chimes in at just under seven minutes — features a chill, jazzy breakdown through the song’s close.

Listen to “Will Calls” below:

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