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Belgian Fog: You Drive Me to Madness

Belgian Fog

Belgian Fog

I introduced you to Belgian Fog back in April. At the time, not much could be found on main man Robert Dale’s project. There was his song “Wait For Help” and a Facebook page with a handful of posts, and an equally minimal Twitter account. Not much has changed in five months, but Belgian Fog does have a new track.

Not much is new out there about Belgian Fog. What can be gleaned from what little Dale has put out there about his project is that he is meticulous. It was something gleaned from his first track, “Wait For Help”, but it needed a follow-up to confirm this. Result: Five months to create another song, and it’s just as phenomenal as the first.

“You Drive Me to Madness” is the second track to surface from Robert Dale and Belgian Fog, and it equals the catchy, melodic nature of “Wait For Help”. It’s a modern pop song with a somewhat vintage sound; it’s a sound that’s certainly interesting and intriguing. Likewise, there’s a hint of emotion and longing in the lyrics that match that of his first track.

I very much look forward to hearing what Robert Dale has in store for us. If it means taking five months for the next song, so be it. “You Drive Me to Madness” proves that Dale is doing something right; I just say keep it up, man!

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