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Ducktails to release Wish Hotel EP October 23



Right off Ducktails‘ January release of The Flower Lane, the side project of Real Estate’s Matt Mondanile is back with five-song EP Wish Hotel. Immediately Mondanile lays it on thick in “Tie-Dye”, with a consistent cymbal ride, heavy beats and that signature laid-back vocal styling of which Real Estate is so fond. It’s a sound that blends electronic traits with those of psychedelic. Mondanile retracts from the direction he took with The Flower Lane, returning Ducktails to solo status.

“Tie-Dye” and “Honey Tiger Eyes” feature a similar emphasis on synth coupled with blown-out guitar you’re likely familiar with from Ducktails.

I’m immediately drawn to the former, but it’s the latter that’s getting current attention. It’s easy to see why: “Honey Tiger Eyes” employs very-much in traits–the guitars have a similar sound to Tame Impala’s Lonerism and the self-titled release by Melody’s Echo Chamber. But Ducktails stands out in the crowd, and it’s Mondanile’s sleepy vocals, hinting (and I’m reaching slightly here, but bear with me) of early Ben Gibbard (think We Have the Facts).

Grab the EP today in super-limited (only 100 copies!) translucent white 12-inch vinyl. You can also grab it digitally. Wish Hotel is out October 23 on Domino Records. Check out “Honey Tiger Eyes” below:

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