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Wishyunu: Futuray



Portland band Wishyunu creates chill, dreamy tunes laden with simple synth melodies, cool percussive beats and a hint of guitar. The husband and wife duo Bei Yan and Tony Bertaccini self-released their new dream-pop/bedroom-pop EP called Futuray on cassette on August 11.

The EP features four surreal synth-pop tracks fronted by the wispy, airy vocals of Bei Yan. “Sprayy” is perfect for a dark, laid back Friday night. “Walkaway” sees Bei incorporating — for the first time — an electric guitar.

This is the perfect discovery: Wishyunu’s music has that late night feel — background music you focus on, speechless, as you let time pass, subtle light casting shadows across the room, a glass of wine in hand.

There’s a tranquility to each song on Futuray that makes it the optimal late night accompaniment to insomnia.

Listen to “Sprayy” below and pick up Futuray digitally or on cassette from Wishyunu’s bandcamp page.

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