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Fialta Releases Orchestral Pop LP “Summer Winter”



Named after a fictionalized Mediterranean town where an enigmatic protagonist explores the themes of vacation, unreliable memory, idealized love, and the confusion evoked by time passing, Fialta‘s music is a seemingly perfect fit. There is a quality in songs like “Photographs” and “Cars” fit the carefree nature of vacations and hints of an underlying timeless romanticism.

“Photographs” and “Cars” are a good starting point to get acquainted with Fialta.

Like Pacific Northwest band The Decemberists, literature plays a figurative role in songwriting. The sounds, of course, are completely different. Fialta is based in California, and you can hear it in the band’s sunny demeanor. But they also have roots in Seattle, where songstress Sarah Shotwell received a MFA in creative writing.

Like The Decemberists, Fialta’s music does fit the orchestral folk-pop description, but it is decidedly more pop. Their new LP, Summer Winter, capitalizes on upbeat pop melodies backed by cheerful percussion and a variety of instruments (including hand claps; maybe even foot stomps).

You can grab Summer Winter by Fialta now.

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